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It is clear that the firm which is badly fulfilling the duties and obligations to clients can lose not only image of the partner caring of the clients and extremely reliable firm, but also to lose any trust in general.

to think over, whether it is worth including shortcomings in image of travel agency? Why them to advertize? Whether everything needs to be included advantages in image of travel agency? Too not. It is necessary to include only those advantages which are important to typical clients of travel agency;

And also: Real care of the buyer about which to him (buyer) it is unostentatious, but constantly report. In other words, it is not enough to care of the buyer: it is necessary that he knew about it, constantly remembered and, not without the aid of trading company, appreciated. Any actions (changes, innovations, any single actions etc.) executed at the request of buyers.

Process of management of corporate image begins long before development of visual attributes of the organization (the ravine, letterheads, an interior, appearance and the employee's manners. Before introducing amendments in image, it is necessary to represent clearly and accurately that new image which needs to be created. What priority image of the tourist company — friendly it or strict, conservative or fashionable, expensive or cheap? The chosen image has to answer completely that purpose which the head of tourist firm wants to reach.

Work on creation of image is conducted purposefully for each group and various means. This work is carried out considerably by means of marketing communications: PR, advertizing, personal sellings, stimulation of sales.

Then it is possible to tell that an indicator of respect which people have, thinking of you, your goods, services, it is very high. Your image which you managed to earn, works for you now. And in this sense you possess the strong base for the business under the name - benevolence. It is your gold reserves. The main thing - competently to use it and to increase greatly.

The image of firm which exists in consciousness of employees is its internal image. The image of firm in consciousness of clients, competitors, partners, that is the people who are not among employees is an external image of firm.

As a result the real advantages of firm commercially important for consumers, and the advantages also commercially important for consumers introduced by experts make the image of firm designed by experts.

Whether it is worth spending huge funds for similar actions? Maybe cost part of money "to give" to buyers in the form of reduction of prices of production, having increased thereby a turn of firm with all that it implies positive consequences?

Consumers can realize all image which is not designed by experts. During campaign for advance of an image consumers can allocate firm with characteristics which were not provided by experts. If the lines introduced by consumers are positive for firm – it does not matter. Main is a negative distortion of the image of firm designed by experts, and this distortion by efforts of the same experts should be brought to naught.

Presentations - one of levers of improvement of image from the point of view of buyers. Than is more interesting and more available to presentation, than a thicket they are carried out, than the high probability free of charge to join goods which can be further and is not demanded because of the high cost or misunderstanding, especially attractive is a visit of trading company, even under an insignificant pretext. And such desire works for creation of image of firm, attractive for buyers.

After determination of character of the company the decision how to make property of groups of the public real advantages of the company is made? At this stage so-called corporate identity, that is system of communication means – names, symbols, signs, the ravine, flowers expressing identity of the company is formed. Corporate identity has to reflect mission, structure, business and claims of the company. And only as a result of work on corporate identity and use of corporate communications there is an image.