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Use of vitamin and microelement premixes and additives of a lysine is provided in diets of horses of budennovsky breed for the winter period. In the presence of good pastures during the summer period such top dressing is not necessary.

The option of tests with barrier jumps is possible only for three-months horses, but it also does not give the individual characteristic of efficiency of a horse. Winners come to light, other participants of tests finish a barrier gallop simply in the company.

At cultivation of the young growth of budennovsky breed intended for equestrian sport, the significant role belongs to the pasturable contents. Under pastures take away the land plots located close places of the summer maintenance of horses and a source of water at the rate on herd in 50 heads of 2-2,5 hectares.

Recognizing that one of options of tests of horses of half-blooded breeds selection on sports qualities of stallions and mares first of all for breeding work is, we will consider possibilities of these options.

The second stage (February – April) - continuation of development of power qualities and the general endurance, application of special loadings for development of high-speed endurance. During the spring and summer period much attention is paid to quick works and loadings of interval character. The essence of the last is that the high-speed part of training is carried out in the form of repeated loadings with a small interval for rest. The importance for development of speed and high-speed endurance has a combination of works on rather long distances (1500-2000 subway with intensive loadings of interval character.

Problem of factory training and ippodromny tests – training of horses for manifestation of the highest, working capacity, potentially possible for them. When training at horses of roadster breeds abilities to different paces at various distances develop. The training which is systematically carried out their generations to generation is not only one of types of the directed impact on an organism of a certain horse, but also a way to improvement of all breed.

For carrying out factory training in farms will organize training point which equip with special stock and paths. The equipment of training points of saddle horses consists from training and riding turned gray, a bridle and a switch, protective footwear for horses. Training points have to have subjects of care of horses: brushes, skrebnitsa – for removal of sweat, a sukonka, a towel, bandage.