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It is accepted to allocate two types of advertizing efficiency: communication and final (by results of sales). Market researches in essential part are directed on determination of communication advertizing efficiency, to define which significantly easier in comparison with final efficiency. Researches of communication efficiency are conducted as at a stage of planning of an advertizing campaign, so after its carrying out.

In this section impact of advertizing is defined on the consumer. For example, is defined, whether information on characteristics of goods, the main idea of an advertizing appeal reached the consumer? These data are obtained for various used advertizing means.

Data on probabilities of shopping were used for receiving economic estimates at the choice of various levels of preference for commercial development. Comparison of possible sales level with costs of its achievement, the including publicity expenses means.

In some cases tracking of dynamics of the relation to a certain advertizing is carried out on the basis of a panel method. All television advertizing messages, the channel, time and the advertized brand of goods which they saw within one day chosen in a random way for every month ask to record members of the panel in the diary. Before watching television in the diary consumer intentions concerning the goods belonging to certain grocery groups are fixed. The advertizing message is considered received if it was noted in the diary by more than 3 percent of respondents (at the capacity of panel of 1000-3000 people). Further new consumer intentions are fixed and the percent of respondents who changed them in a certain direction is defined.

Similar information helps to plan carrying out an advertizing campaign from the point of view of definition of the contents of advertizing messages, their carriers, frequencies and frequency of their emergence, to bring adjustments in earlier planned advertizing campaign.

It is obvious that one of the most important purposes of the advertizing campaign following from results of this research is the translation as it is possible bigger number of consumers from a segment of initial awareness in a segment of a prime choice.

As an intermediate measure of advertizing efficiency indicators of ability to remember advertizing are often used. In various modifications they are used also for measurement of extent of acceptance of new goods. Experts developed various indicators of impact of advertizing measuring percent of readers or observers who after end of an advertizing campaign correctly identify the advertisement which is its cornerstone or the message, remember brand of goods and at least one of visual or text elements of the advertizing message. There is a large number of options of indicators of impact of advertizing. Three following measures of efficiency of a print advertizing received mainly by interviewing of consumers are regularly used:

Researches of efficiency of advertizing activity help to achieve the advertizing objectives quicker and with smaller expenses. For example, one company decided to switch from display of 30 second television commercial rollers to display of 15 second rollers. However research showed that 15 second commercial rollers often are too short; people are not able to perceive an advertizing appeal so quickly. Results of such researches when planning an advertizing campaign can be of considerable value.

On the basis of these data it is possible to define shape of the car that will give the chance to increase number of potential buyers, i.e. to expand a segment of a prime choice, and competently to plan contents of the advertizing message.

It is obvious that among many factors influencing recognition of advertizing for the advertiser definition as this indicator is influenced by the size, color of the advertizing message, its location presents a great interest in the printing edition, character of this printing edition, contents of the advertizing message.

In some cases research of the advertizing planned to release is conducted. In this case a research objective is obtaining information on the content of advertizing, about the ideas put in the advertizing message to reveal possibility of the wrong understanding of advertizing and undesirable associations which can arise at perception of advertizing.