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On 5 kg of tomatoes — 1 glass of the crushed onions, 160-200 g of sugar, 30 g of salt, 1 glass of 9% vinegar, on 1 h. to a spoon of black pepper, carnation, mustard seed, slice of cinnamon, 1/2 spoons of seeds of a celery.

For salting of mature and large fruits the brine is done to stronger. The tomatoes which are filled in with a brine cover with a circle on which put easy freight that did not emerge. Store in the cool room. In 40 — 50 days tomatoes are ready.

It is necessary to store such cucumbers at a temperature of 5 °C. Anyway at emergence of a mold on a surface of its brine it is necessary to delete immediately, differently cucumbers quickly will start being softened and will develop an unpleasant taste and a smell.

Take fresh mature tomatoes, wash, cut out the damaged parts, cut segments and slightly wring out juice. To pour out the wrung-out juice in the enameled ware which from above to tie with a gauze, and on it to put the cut tomatoes. To bring juice to boiling and in 3-4 min. when tomatoes steam out, to wipe them;

That eggplants were left by bitterness, it is necessary washed out, cleared and cut (or made an incision in 2-3 places) to mix fruits with salt and to allow to stand not less than 30 min., then to wash out cold water and to wring out, or to take in solution of salt of 15-20 min. (on 1l waters — 1 tablespoon of salt) and then to wring out.

2nd way. To bring the prepared saturated salt solution (that in water chicken crude egg did not sink) to boiling and to lower in it eggplants with the cut-off chashelistika. To cook under a cover (from a pan smaller the size, having pressed down it freight until eggplants are easily pierced by a fork.

If in the course of fermentation there is a foam, it should be removed accurately a pure spoon. Advantage of such way also that the cucumbers salted precisely according to the recipe turn out high-quality and remain even at the room temperature.

To cut young eggplants circles, to roll in in a flour, to fry from two parties to a golden crust in vegetable oil, to put in a deep frying pan, slightly to salt, fill in with the sour cream mixed with to bake in an oven. To strew a ready dish with grated garlic and the crushed greens.

On a bottom of capacity to put a leaf of a horse-radish, fennel stalks, 1-2 leaves of blackcurrant, 2-3 garlic gloves. Cucumbers no more than 7 cm long, larger to cut, carefully to wash up, cut off a fruit stem with small part of pulp, to make small punctures a knife edge in two-three places and to lay in capacity layers, shifting spicy greens and garlic gloves. Greens have to be the top layer. To fill in with a brine of room temperature. For the fast use to fill in with a hot brine that intensifies process. The brine has to cover the top layer of greens. If cucumbers are salted in a pan, it is possible to put a plate that cucumbers did not emerge. To close a pan a cover and to put in a cool place. In the hot room cucumbers can deteriorate.

The brine is prepared from water and salt, it is desirable a coarse grinding. Water has to be pure, it is best of all from a well or a well, without chemical city additives. Therefore, whenever possible, to do preparations one winter better in rural areas. Has value and hardness of water: the cucumbers salted in natural water turn out always crackling.

After the end of process of fermentation the cabbage settles and develops the refreshing sourish and salty taste. The ready cabbage is transferred to a cold place, continuing to keep it under oppression. The best conditions for storage are created at a temperature of 0-2 °C. At lower temperatures at long storage the cabbage becomes soft and accepts bezhevaty color though thus does not lose vitamin C which is a lot of in a brine.

On 2 kg of ripe tomatoes — 2 bulbs, 1 apple, 3/8 l of 9% vinegar, 125 g of sugar, salt, 1 tablespoon of dry or 2 branches of a fresh basil, 2 branches of a celery with leaves, 1/2 h. spoons of ground pepper, 3 carnations.

For marinade: on 1 l of water. — 60 g of salt, 50 g of sugar, 40 g of 9% vinegar, for sharper — 60 g of 9% vinegar, 6 peas of black pepper, bay leaf, part of a leaf of a horse-radish, a fennel stalk, 2-3 garlic gloves.