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According to Maslou's theory, the first two types of requirements — primary (are congenital, and following three — secondary (. Requirements of each following level become essential when the previous are satisfied.

Along with requirements, the most important motive of activity social installations are. Under them certainly the general orientation of the person to a certain social object, predisposition to work defined rather this object. For example, the family can be such.

Requirements and interests are realized by people, i.e. conscious activity. People consider a, carry out self-checking of the actions. However in a it is shown also unconscious that means the life which is made without participation of consciousness.

At some people ideal requirements are reduced to. But also in this case they are various: to someone —, to someone — dances, and to someone — to be ill for favorite team. That who professionally pursues science and art, strong ideal requirements are peculiar.

Tseleratsionalny action is characterized by rationally set and thought over purpose. Tseleratsionalno acts that individual, whose behavior is focused on the purpose, means and by-product of its actions. In this case the individual considers the relation of means to the purpose and by-product, the relation of various possible purposes to each other.

The requirement is usually directed on any subject., hunger — is need in food, the subject of requirement food. The impossibility to cope with a task creates a in knowledge which are necessary for its decision. A requirement subject in this case is knowledge.

Any activity appears at us as a chain of. Whether it is possible to speak about behavior of the person thus? Yes, but in many cases means as it carries out the as treats it, other people, himself.

Let's imagine activity of the seller. This work undoubtedly necessary to people can be carried out differently. One is friendly, decent, accurate, built, another is rude to buyers, tries to deceive them, carries out the somehow. Two persons are occupied with identical activity, but their behavior variously. If activity consists of actions, behavior — of acts.

M. Weber notes that in pure form these types of behavior meet infrequently. Usually different motives are combined, at each other. However their knowledge helps to understand of behavior of people, sense of their activity.

Let's note that anyway animals adapt to environment. Thus they can use subjects as tools and even to produce them with ­ the natural bodies. They use these for getting of food, defense, construction of the dwelling, i.e. for satisfaction of the vital needs. Of behavior of animals are defined by a structure of their body, an environment in which they live. (Remember how use natural subjects of a monkey, beavers, birds, living beings.)