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Chufut-Calais it is located on a plateau of the Table mountain at the height more than 500 m above sea level on the suburb of Bakhchisarai. The total area of the settlement on a chufut-kalsky plateau of 46 hectares. During archaeological researches it became clear that people chose this place in the Stone Age.

Approximately in 5 kilometers to the east of Balaklava on the coast directly 235 meter vertical rocky peak grows from the sea. It is a spur of the massif of Arfen-Cher-Burun. It is possible to approach a foot of a wall approximately in 40 minutes by the boat from Balaklava. Existence of the steady watercraft is obligatory as the first rope is begun directly with the boat. Today there are two routes - 6A..

On the South a continuous train lake rerashes last: Lakes Sasyk-Sivash, the Saksky lake, then go Mikhaylovskoye, Kizil-Yar and others, more small. Here to sand small pebble, and bottom biases is even more often added already more abruptly.

Aja to the cape Ah-Todor (with Lastochkin a nest) picturesque rocks and stone haosa cover small bays with transparent and clear water, an abrupt bias of a bottom and gravel and pebble beaches from the cape - simply nudist paradise. Yalta, Gurzuf, Partenit, Alushta are located in the big semicircular bays bordered with mountain amphitheaters. The isolated edges of bays everywhere - possession of nudists.

Sudaksky area. On the area the area almost same as Big Yalta or Alushta, but it is occupied less often, and the coast is almost not built up. Sea excursions are good, especially at the bottom of Sudaksky fortress, by remarkable bays of the New World or "stone body" - the volcano of Karadag which blew up in immemorial times.

"Pocket" beaches in mouths of small beams, in narrow bays with grottoes are very cozy and romantic. At a storm of a wave cover them entirely therefore it is only possible to spend the night where the grass begins. In pocket beaches underground lenses of very tasty fresh water meet and even medieval wells remained.

Feodosiya. Here also the settlement of Koktebel - well-known for the cultural traditions and nice names belongs. The museum of gliding, M. Voloshin's house museum is, of course, it is necessary to see. And (and also cognacs) ┘ and to taste local wines.

It is very big tourist center, big in the sense that for one trip you will not examine it, you will not estimate and you will not understand. It is edge of fishermen and shipbuilders where through modern technology and a technocracy look through traditions of hoary antiquity, at last, it is the excellent sea resort having an unsurpassed combination of climatic factors.

In Gezlev, after Yevpatoria, there was one of large communities of Karaites, a small nationality with interesting original culture. On Matveev Street, 68 the complex of cult constructions of the XVIII century - Karaite kenasa remained.

For performance before vacationers and patients there came the poet and artist Maksimilian Voloshin, the writer Alexey Tolstoy here. The poet Vladimir Mayakovsky with an ulterior motive wrote "it is a pity to me what did not happen in Yevpatoria"!

All this is placed at service of the person. And, of course, health resorts the best of which do not concede on comfort to the western. Their snow-white cases scattered on the coast are buried in verdure of parks, amazing on beauty.

This list is made on the basis of opinions of participants of a forum. Discussion can be read slightly below. In brackets location is specified and references to materials about each of the places recommended for visit are given.

Sevastopol, hero town. The history of Sevastopol is a history of the Black Sea fleet, battles and victories, tragic and heroic events by land and by sea. But the ancient earth of the Gerakleysky peninsula is interesting also by the antique and medieval history, local landscapes are picturesque and unique. Sevastopol - the city of the modern industry, first of all, shipbuilding, the city of science.