Vocabulary For Advanced

Applying to research any topic

So, campaign 1.. it, on the one hand, the simplest sports campaign, on the other hand, this sporting event. Having successfully passed it, each participant FULFILLED REQUIREMENTS OF OBTAINING the 3rd SPORTS GRADE IN TOURISM. The 2nd category requires 2 more campaigns: 2 and 3.. But for the 3rd category it is enough to pass a campaign 1..

The organization of campaigns and travel within amateur tourism is carried out specially prepared, in some cases having the license, qualified specialists which number treat:

The group on a route should not be divided if it is not demanded by special safety conditions. The special attention should be paid to the movement during bad weather, insufficient visibility, a strong wind, etc. The head thus makes the decision on an unplanned stop.

The head of group has to have sufficient tourist and special (by types tourism experience. Preparation is necessary for campaigns of 1 category of complexity in volume of a seminar of instructors of extreme tourism, 2 categories – in volume of average tourist preparation.

Participation in a campaign of 1 category of complexity, the management of a campaign of the third degree of complexity – for foot tourism. For all types of tourism: participation in a campaign of 2 categories of complexity, management of a campaign of the third degree of complexity.

Speleo. These are campaigns on caves. Caves happen horizontal, vertical, which main obstacles wells, and combined. In the last horizontal obstacles together with wells meet.

Mountain ecosystems represent a unique combination of landscapes of different type: natural zones which on plains were stretched on hundreds and thousands of kilometers occupy only some hundreds of meters here. It gives unique opportunities for the organization of the most various recreational occupations in very limited territory. However development of mountain skiing demands creation of technical systems and engineering constructions - ropeways, highways, the enterprises of recreational infrastructure that is badly reflected in mountain ecosystems. At creation of a route it is necessary to consider that with increase in height also the level of self-service of tourists has to increase.

and Research ridges. The last represents difficult proud knot. Are its part (from the South on the North): a spine Torgoveyiz, the mountain Keftalyk, mountains in sources of the rivers Nyamga, Vyrayu and Kobylayu, the mountain Neroyka,, Manyinskiye, ridge the Unapproachable, water separate crest in sources of the rivers to Hobey, the People, Manaraga and Balbanyyu with tops, National, Karpinsky. As northern continuation of Issledovatelsky Range the spine the Glutton serves. As a result of the last karovodolinny freezing slopes of ridges are corroded penalties and circuses in the depth of which picturesque lakes, long-term snezhnik, glaciers lie; especially there are a lot of cows on east slopes. Some ridges have the izzubrenny crests, sharp peaks, rocky steep slopes which in places are cut through by deep gorges where cascades of falls overthrow rough streams. A number of ridges is cut through by through valleys trough valleys with steep slopes and the wide bottom covered with a chaotic heap of final and lateral moraines, boulders and small lakes. Also extensive flat-topped massifs are widespread in a mountain zone; on their slopes stone scatterings - kuruma. For flat-topped surfaces of a mid-mountain zone broad development of mountain terraces is characteristic.

According to these requirements the number of group is defined by category and complexity of a route and requirements for safety. The group in number of 10-12 people is considered optimum. The participant of a campaign has to know well rules of carrying out sports and tourist campaigns, to be rather prepared and trained, disciplined and to follow instructions of the head.

The water. It is a type of tourism at once it is divided into 3 types on types of vessel. The first type - a kayak. The single kayak is called a kayak. The second type - inflatable vessels. Any catamarans, inflatable boats and rafts belong to inflatable vessels. The third type - sailing vessels.

Besides duration and extent is also requirements to the obstacles met on a route. The most difficult obstacles meet in shesterka, and simple - in edinichka. All that lower than 1.. treats the category of not category campaigns.